Company Introduction

Wenzhou E-Fun Electric Co., Ltd. adheres to provide accurate parts for customers in the fields of automation, ship, electric machine control, optics, medical facility and so on, focusing on the technological development and innovation, and having achieved dozens of national patents. Currently our factory has equipped with more than 200 workers and offer product lines of 60+ series. We are a factory specialized in designing, developing and producing the parts of automation equipment, such as terminal combination sockets, safety relay sockets, relay, relay module and conventional relay sockets.

Latest News

Wenzhou E-fun keeps on updating and sharing the latest news not only about our company, but also the electric industry and products. We are insistent in technique and product innovation including product lines of relay, relay module and so on.

  • About Relay socket
    The relay socket is a practical electrical peripheral device, which can expand the control capability of electrical appliances and allow users to control the switches of electrical appliances from a distance. It is mainly composed of shell, socket, circuit board and rela...
  • Traditional Relay Sockets: The Perfect Solution for European Standard Relay Needs
    When it comes to your European standard relay needs, traditional relay sockets are the perfect solution. This socket is designed for use with 18F-2Z-C5 and 18F-4Z-C5 relays, making it a versatile choice for a variety of applications. In this blog, we will discuss the ben...
  • How to choose the right relay socket
    The traditional relay socket is a common electrical socket, which can provide users with stable power output and is widely used in home and office environments. The product is made of high-quality materials, has good safety protection functions and stable power output performance. The traditional...
  • 2022-08-22
    What is the Safety Relay? The safety relay is the combination of several relays and circuits to complement each other’s abnormal defects in order to achieve the complete function of the relay with correct and low error probability. The lower the error and failure value is, the higher and safety f...
  • 2022-08-08
    The relay is composed of two parts, that is, coil and contact group. Thus, the graphic symbol of the relay in the circuit diagram also includes two parts, that is, a long box represents the coil, and a set of contact symbols represent a combination of contacts. When the circuit with few contacts ...